Dive into Microsoft's AI revolution, likening AI to a cellular integration across their systems, especially with the rebranding of Bing Chat as Copilot.

The Power of Copilot: Explore the new Copilot platform on Microsoft.com

Free GPT-4 Turbo: reveal the exciting news - GPT-4 Turbo available for free on Copilot! No need for ChatGPT Plus - a game-changer for AI enthusiasts and developers.

Creativity Space: You can dive into Copilot's creative zone where the new Dalle 3 Model resides, offering AI-designed image creation capabilities.

Inline Compose with Rewrite: Discuss the inline composition feature, allowing users to rewrite text or emails using Copilot’s AI capabilities, potentially impacting browser extensions and startups.

Explore the powerful multimodel search feature combining GPT-4 Vision with Bing image and web searches for more diverse and accurate results.

Understand how Copilot integrates with a code interpreter, enabling users to perform arithmetic calculations, coding, data analysis, and visualization - all for free.

Deep Search Feature: Analyze the new Bing feature, Deep Search, using GPT-4's capabilities to summarize search results, impacting website traffic dynamics.

Discuss personal highlights - GPT-4 Turbo, multimodel search, and Dolly - emphasizing their significance for users based on the offered functionalities.

Live Demonstration: Walkthrough Copilot's interface, showcasing its versatile features like conversational prompts, AI-generated content creation, and contextual responses.