Ideogram AI vs. Midjourney AI (Ultimate Comparison with prompts)

If you have ever used AI image generators to create images, then I’m quite sure you’ve come across these two names: Ideogram AI and Midjourney AI.

These platforms promise to assist creators in generating stunning print-on-demand designs effortlessly.

In this comparison, we’ll pit Ideogram AI against Midjourney to see which one delivers better results for various design prompts.

#Prompt 1:

a simple vector art design that says "I love the fall" with a fancy script font in the shape of a heart with colorful leaves around it on a white background, poster, typography

Fall Hat Design Prompt

Let’s kick things off with a design prompt for a fall-themed hat. The goal here is to create an appealing design that captures the essence of autumn.

Ideogram AI Results

Ideogram AI offers multiple results for this prompt, but there’s a small hiccup—the spelling. One of the options has a spelling error, and another features a misplaced element. However, Ideogram AI shines in the text department, offering better results in that aspect.

Midjourney Results

On the Midjourney side, the results are not as impressive. The text is far from ideal, and the graphics, while interesting, don’t quite match up to Ideogram AI’s standards. In this round, Ideogram AI takes the lead.

#Prompt 2:

cat in a coffee cup cute cartoon with text "catpuccino", typography, poster

Cat in a Coffee Cup

Our next prompt involves creating a cute design featuring a cat in a coffee cup with the text “cappuccino.”

Ideogram AI Results

Ideogram AI impresses again with its creative designs. While the text isn’t always perfect, the cat graphics and coffee cups look appealing. With a little tweaking, this design could be a winner for print-on-demand.

Midjourney Results

Midjourney’s attempt at this prompt is decent. The cat graphics are charming, but the text falls short. It’s clear that Midjourney excels more in graphics than text generation.

#Prompt 3:

text "Spooky vibes" in a cute ghost graffiti logo, white background, vector, painting

Sticker Design

Now, let’s explore a sticker design prompt with no text involved. The focus here is on the graphics.

Ideogram AI Results

Ideogram AI offers various results, but some appear a bit distorted. However, the overall quality is passable, and with some adjustments, these designs could be suitable for stickers.

Midjourney Results

Midjourney steps up its game in this category. The graphics are sharper and more accurate. While some minor tweaks may be necessary, Midjourney clearly outperforms Ideogram AI in this round.

#Prompt 4:

Halloween t-shirt design of a catrina skeleton doing squats holding a gym bar. Scary house , 3d render, photo, product, poster, painting, illustration.

Halloween T-Shirt Design

For our Halloween-themed design, we want to create a spooky vibes graphic with a cute ghost and graffiti-style text.

Ideogram AI Results

Ideogram AI shines in this round. It delivers results with correctly spelled text and appealing graphics. The gradient effects and overall layout are excellent for print-on-demand products.

Midjourney Results

Midjourney, unfortunately, falls short in this category. The ghost graphics don’t look as appealing, and the text is way off the mark. Ideogram AI secures another victory.

#Prompt 5:

vintage retro distressed american flag badge design featuring a skull, contour, clear outline, white background

Vintage American Flag Badge Design

Our next challenge is to create a vintage American flag badge design with a skull and a clear outline.

Midjourney Results

Starting with Midjourney, the results are impressive. The graphics are well-detailed, and the overall quality is high. These designs are suitable for various print-on-demand products.

Ideogram AI Results

On the Ideogram AI side, the results are not as polished. The graphics lack the crispness of Midjourney’s, and the overall quality falls short. In this round, Midjourney takes the lead.

#Prompt 6:

Patagonia mountain range. Minimalistic ink drawing on pristine white paper, crafted with the signature one-line art style of Tsutomu Nihei. Complementing the inked design are splashes of watercolor in sage blue and light orange, adding depth and vibrancy. These watercolor elements blend and contrast, creating motifs that hint at both the ethereal beauty of the universe and the tangible allure of the lake below. The artwork is a harmonious fusion of photo-realism, 3D rendering, and traditional product illustration, making it suitable for a vibrant poster or conceptual art piece. The overall tone, while rooted in romanticism, carries an undertone of dark fantasy, reminiscent of a painting that blurs the lines between reality and imagination, illustration, painting, dark fantasy

Minimalistic Wall Art

Our final prompt involves creating a tall, minimalistic wall art design. This challenge focuses on aesthetics and style.

Ideogram AI Results

Ideogram AI offers a unique take on this prompt with its use of colors and minimalistic style. While the results are not as crisp as Midjourney’s, they have a certain appeal, making them suitable for specific print-on-demand products.

Midjourney Results

Midjourney, once again, excels in terms of quality. The graphics are sharper and more detailed. However, personal preference plays a significant role here, and some may prefer Ideogram AI’s artistic approach.

Clarifying Ideogram AI’s Terms of Service

Before we conclude, it’s essential to address a common concern raised by users regarding Ideogram AI’s terms of service. Ideogram’s terms state that their services are for personal use, which has caused confusion among users regarding commercial use.

However, Ideogram AI has clarified that they do not claim ownership of the generated content, and they do not restrict users from using the content commercially. Users are advised to exercise caution when using the generated images, especially when it comes to intellectual property and copyrighted material related to third parties.

Conclusion: Ideogram AI vs. Midjourney

In the battle of Ideogram AI vs. Midjourney for print-on-demand designs, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Ideogram AI shines in text generation and offers creative results, but its graphics sometimes fall short. On the other hand, midjourney excels in graphics quality but struggles with text accuracy.

Ultimately, the choice between Ideogram AI and Midjourney depends on your specific design needs and preferences.

My Decision Ideogram AI vs. Midjourney: If you prioritize text accuracy and creative freedom, Ideogram AI may be the better choice. However, if you need high-quality graphics and are willing to make text adjustments, Midjourney could be the platform for you.

Both platforms have their merits, and the decision comes down to which one aligns better with your design goals and workflow.

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