30 Best Ideogram Prompts List [PDF Download]

Creating images using Ideogram AI depends on the type of prompts you’re providing. Prompts with clear descriptions of images result better and ultimately the best results. Therefore, in this post, we’re presenting the top 30 ideogram prompts along with example images to illustrate the concept effectively.

30 Ideogram Prompts list


Create an aspect ratio of 9:16 depicting half of a face of a leopard with angry eyes and the other half with text “BODY UNDER CONSTRUCTION MIND ON A MISSION” with bold and grunge effect on the text, with detailed features of the animal. Ensure it is a black and white illustration , isolated on a black background., typography


A stunning monoline illustration of a peaceful mountain morning camping scene. The cozy tent is pitched near a babbling brook, with a campfire nearby. The picturesque mountain range in the distance is bathed in warm oranges and pinks, capturing the essence of a vibrant morning sky. The overall design is perfect for t-shirts, stickers, or any other printing needs, highlighting the essence of outdoor adventure and tranquility.

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A charming illustration of an adorable, kawaii cat relishing a bowl of steaming ramen. The cat’s eyes are closed in pure bliss as it delicately picks up the noodles with a pair of chopsticks. The scene is set against a clean, white background, with tiny bubbles rising from the simmering broth. The cat’s soft fur radiates a warm, inviting light, adding to the cute and comforting ambiance. The illustration beautifully captures the essence of simple pleasure and happiness, making it the epitome of contentment.


An exquisite 8K Ultra HD double exposure image, featuring a majestic lion silhouette seamlessly blended with a vivid African forest sunrise. The lion’s details are intricately incorporated into the landscape, reating a stunning visual effect. The monochrome background highlights the lion’s white fur, while the sharp focus and crisp lines showcase the incredible level of detail. The full color of the lion contrasts with the white background, evoking a sense of awe and wonder. The overall effect is cinematic, capturing the essence of a breathtaking African sunset, illustration, photo, cinematic, 3d render


A fun and casual t-shirt design featuring a cool penguin wearing sunglasses and sitting on a chair. The penguin is surrounded by a relaxed beach vibe, with palm trees and a sunset sky. The words “Weekend Vibes” are written in a playful, bold font, adding a touch of humor and lightheartedness to the design.


A captivating word art design featuring a footprint, with each letter of the phrase “a journey of 1000 milesbegins with a single step” forming part of the impression. The typography is unique and artistic, with the words blending seamlessly into the footprint’s shape. The design is vibrant and eye-catching, with a touch of gradient colors that add depth and dimension. The overall composition exudes inspiration and motivation, encouraging viewers to embark on their own journeys towards their goals., typography.


A silhouette of a majestic deer standing amidst gentle ripples in a tranquil forest pond, under the radiant glow of a setting or rising sun that casts an ethereal light through dense coniferous trees; evoking feelings of serenity and awe., illustration, painting, cinematic


A collection of ten adorable cute cartoon animal stickers. The animals include a corgi, kola, a seahorse, a cat, a hamster, a red panda, a penguin, a axolotl, a flamingo, and a fox. Each animal is drawn in a vivid and colorful style, with expressive eyes and engaging poses., vibrant, illustration


A captivating charcoal drawing of a seashell that showcases the artist’s mastery of fine lines and shading. The seashell’s intricate, swirling blue patterns are rendered with remarkable detail, making it appear almost realistic. The creamy white background is adorned with tiny white dots, adding depth and dimension to the piece. The drawing exudes a mesmerizing, ethereal glow, with the blue tones seamlessly blending into the delicate, textured backdrop. The exceptional texture and depth of the drawing create an immersive experience, inviting the viewer to explore the lifelike world of this natural treasure.


A vibrant gym t-shirt design featuring the typography “Break Barriers. Build Strength.” in bold, contrasting fonts. The overall design exudes a sense of empowerment and determination, perfect for a workout or gym session.


Whimsical highland cow illustration adorned with vibrant watercolor florals isolated on a white
background, capturing the essence of springtime joy, artful graphic design, vibrant colors, joyful


A striking and vintage vector illustration of the American flag reimagined with diverse and intricate
mechanic tools replacing the traditional rectangular stripes. The tools symbolize innovation, industry, and craftsmanship that have shaped American society. The words “Independence Engine” are prominently displayed above the flag, while “Patriotic Mechanic” is written below. The overall design is visually appealing and thought-provoking, celebrating the role of mechanics and engineers in American history.


Vibrant vector art illustration of a persian cat, cute and grumpy, in cozy pajamas, holding a steaming cup of coffee. The cat’s fur was messy, and its ears were raised. The typography reads: “I WAKE UP BECAUSE OF COFFEE, NOT BECAUSE OF WORK.” The overall design is bright, unique and full of personality. This illustration is created on an isolated white background, emphasizing the colorful and fun nature of the artwork., fashion, typography, illustration


Text: “Tanaj, Thanks”. Hybrid light bulb and woman colored with floral patterns in electric pink, turquoise, and lime green. Adda Barrios art style, typography


Abstract composition. Different colored geometric shapes on black background. dinosaur; abstract;
abstraction; figure; gradient; red color; three-dimensional; yellow; objectless; openwork; composition;
blue color; purple., cinematic, vibrant.


A delightful and heartwarming design featuring the text “Best Cat Mom Ever” in bold, cursive letters, with each colorful word playfully alternating (no black letters). The text is surrounded by a charming
assortment of delicate flowers, adorable cartoon cats playing with each other, and heart shapes, adding to the overall warm and affectionate atmosphere. The design is set against a pristine white background, allowing each element to stand out and capture the viewer’s attention.


A captivating pop art rendition of a chibi anime-style British boy, exuding charm and style in his casual attire. The subject dons classic blue jeans, rolled up slightly at the ankles, and a crisp white t-shirt. His chestnut brown hair is tousled, framing his face with expressive, large hazel eyes that gleam with curiosity and determination. The simplicity of his outfit highlights his vibrant personality, making a bold statement against the plain white background. This delightful illustration encapsulates the essence of youthful energy and modern style, with the artwork’s whimsical allure enhanced by the contrasting colors of his outfit.


A vibrant vector graphic t-shirt design featuring a joyful and festive cactus, adorned with a Santa hat and holiday lights. The cactus is surrounded by holiday-themed decorations like ornaments, stockings, and a small Christmas tree. The overall design is bright, playful, and sure to bring a smile to anyone wearing it during the holiday season.


A visually stunning black and white tattoo design featuring a stylized owl with vivid yellow eyes. The owl’s wings are spread wide, and it is intricately interwoven with Celtic patterns that add a sense of depth and texture to the design. The owl’s body is perched at the center of the design, with the Celtic patterns radiating outwards from it. The overall effect is a captivating and mesmerizing masterpiece, perfect for showcasing one’s appreciation for both nature and ancient art.


A captivating typography design featuring the text, “The days are much better if they are decorated with flowers.” The words are written in a bold, elegant font, with each letter adorned with various floral illustrations, such as roses, lilies, and sunflowers. The overall design is vibrant and colorful, with a touch of vintage charm., typography, vibrant, illustration


A vibrant vector t-shirt design featuring a chessboard with a sunset backdrop. The chess pieces are in
vintage retro colors, with the black knight about to make a move. The text “I never lose either I win or I learn” is displayed in a retro font below the chessboard, conveying a message of resilience and growth.


A stylish illustration of a woman’s hair in a neat bun, adorned with a red bandana tied in a knot at the top. She is wearing trendy sunglasses with dark lenses, and her hair is surrounded by a white background. The overall effect is modern and chic, with a touch of vintage flair.


A captivating pop art illustration featuring a chibi, anime-style tiger with fluffy fur and mesmerizing green eyes. The tiger’s eyes sparkle with captivating ebony, filled with curiosity and playfulness. The adorable creature exudes charm, making it the star of the image. Set against a plain white background, the contrasting colors highlight the lively hues of this delightful little cat. This illustration would make a perfect poster or cinematic display, showcasing the charming character in its full glory., poster, painting, cinematic


A serene and vibrant watercolor illustration of six home plants, each in their unique and pretty pots. The plants showcase a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, with each exuding a distinct charm. The pots are adorned with intricate designs, adding an artistic touch to the overall composition. The absence of a background allows the viewer to focus on the beauty and simplicity of these home plants in their pretty pots, illustration, illustration


A stylish vector illustration husky with text: “sorry I can’t my Husky needs me at home”


A stylized drawing of a beautiful and realistic snauzer and poodle breed puppy all black, illustration


Gentle floral bouquet Dahlias. Classification: Anemone dahlias. Color: Bluish-green. Leaves and floral in watercolor soft pastel colors, isolated on make a completely white background. High-detailed
professional vector illustration, flat color block style 2d illustration, clipart, design elements for wedding invitation, trending on Etsy. Requirements: Long shot; Rectangles, bars, reals, inox., illustration, painting


hydraulic and electrical logo, with BDM letters, clean styled


A captivating vintage-inspired painting of an idyllic Atlantic ocean sunset beach scene. The sandy beach is dotted with seashells, sea oats, and sand dunes, creating a picturesque and serene atmosphere. The seascape is rendered with delicate watercolor-like shading and muted colors, evoking a sense of nostalgia and tranquility. The overall composition is set against a pristine white background, transporting the viewer to a timeless coastal paradise., painting, illustration


A vintage-inspired t-shirt design that exudes nostalgia and modern edge. The bold statement “I’m not” is written in a grungy, retro font, followed by the word “old” in a similar style. Beneath the “old” lies an old fashioned car, a symbol of timeless elegance. The phrase “I’m classic” is presented at the bottom, also in a grunge font. The overall aesthetic of the t-shirt is a blend of nostalgia and modern edge, appealing to those who appreciate classic style and timeless fashion. vintage colors blue, yellow and more vintage colors , make the car a little bit small.

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