Create Disney Pixar Posters using Ideogram AI [15 PROMPTS]

Ideogram AI is one of the popular AI image generators, and today we’re going to learn how to create Disney Pixar-style movie posters using it. Creating Pixar-style posters is an easy process with Ideogram.

Below are some posters created using Ideogram.

If you also want to create the same AI posters, then read this full guide.

Create Disney Pixar Posters using Ideogram AI

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Ideogram offers only two options for sign-up: Continue with Google or Continue with Apple.

ideogram sign up
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Step 3: Now, enter the prompt. You can also use the example prompt given below.

Prompt: Disney Pixar poster that says “LOVE”, a handsome man with black hair and a beautiful white woman wearing a hijab and they are wearing the same black and white clothes, are sitting on a flowers garden, facing the camera, Golden Hour, 3D animation.

Step 4: Choose the poster style, 3D render, or typography.

Step 5: Click on ‘Generate.’ Wait for a few seconds, and the images will be generated.

Try 15 Disney Pixar Movie Posters Prompts Examples:

Prompt 1: Disney Pixar poster featuring the word “ADVENTURE,” showcasing a young boy with messy blonde hair, adventurous eyes, and a curious smile, accompanied by a loyal dog, both wearing explorer outfits, exploring a lush jungle scene in 3D animation.
Prompt 2: Disney Pixar poster with the word “FRIENDSHIP,” depicting a group of diverse children of different ethnicities and abilities, laughing and playing together in a vibrant playground setting, surrounded by colorful balloons and a rainbow, in 3D animation.
Prompt 3: Disney Pixar poster titled “DREAMS,” showing a determined girl with glasses, messy hair tied in a ponytail, sketching her dreams on a notebook, surrounded by magical flying objects and fairy dust, in 3D animation.
Prompt 4: Disney Pixar poster themed “WONDER,” portraying a curious young girl with curly red hair and freckles, holding a telescope, gazing at the stars with awe from her bedroom window, accompanied by her loyal pet cat, in 3D animation.
Prompt 5: Disney Pixar poster displaying “IMAGINATION,” featuring a creative boy with tousled brown hair and glasses, sitting at his cluttered desk surrounded by books and art supplies, imagining fantastical creatures coming to life around him, in 3D animation.
Prompt 6: Disney Pixar poster showcasing “HOPE,” illustrating a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultures, coming together with compassion and resilience in the face of adversity, against a backdrop of a sunset sky, in 3D animation.
Prompt 7: Disney Pixar poster titled “CURIOSITY,” depicting a young explorer with a backpack and binoculars, accompanied by a quirky robot companion, embarking on an exciting adventure through a whimsical, futuristic cityscape, in 3D animation.
Prompt 8: Disney Pixar poster featuring “UNITY,” portraying a diverse ensemble of anthropomorphic animals, representing different species and backgrounds, coming together in harmony to protect their shared home in a magical forest, in 3D animation.
Prompt 9: Disney Pixar poster themed “BELIEVE,” showcasing a determined young girl with a prosthetic leg, participating in a heartwarming journey of self-discovery and overcoming obstacles to pursue her passion for competitive sports, in 3D animation.
Prompt 10: Disney Pixar poster with the word “GRATITUDE,” illustrating a heartwarming scene of a family gathered around a festive dinner table, expressing gratitude and love while sharing a meal together, surrounded by warmth and laughter, in 3D animation.
Prompt 11: Disney Pixar poster titled “INSPIRATION,” featuring an aspiring artist with messy hair and paint-stained clothes, finding inspiration and creative fulfillment through everyday moments and interactions with nature, in 3D animation.
Prompt 12: Disney Pixar poster showcasing “INNOVATION,” depicting a brilliant young inventor with wild hair and a mischievous grin, building a fantastical flying machine in his backyard workshop, fueled by imagination and determination, in 3D animation.
Prompt 13: Disney Pixar poster themed “HARMONY,” illustrating a whimsical underwater world inhabited by colorful sea creatures and merfolk, united in their efforts to protect their ocean home from environmental threats, in 3D animation.
Prompt 14: Disney Pixar poster featuring “OPTIMISM,” portraying a cheerful group of children with diverse abilities and talents, embarking on a magical journey of self-discovery and friendship, guided by their unwavering optimism and resilience, in 3D animation.
Prompt 15: Disney Pixar poster titled “COMPASSION,” showcasing a touching story of empathy and kindness, as a young girl befriends a lonely alien creature and helps it find its way back home, overcoming language barriers and cultural differences along the way, in 3D animation.