Ideogram AI Review [Pros, Cons, Pricing] 2023

Today, we’re going to review Ideogram AI, the latest AI image generator that’s been making some waves. If you’re someone who loves exploring new AI tools and techniques, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this.

Introduction to Ideogram AI

Ideogram is an AI image generator similar to tools like Mid-Journey or DALL-E. It allows you to generate images based on text prompts.

What’s interesting about Ideogram is its unique ability to not just create images from text but to embed text within those images.

Ideogram’s Features

Let’s dive right into what Ideogram has to offer:

AI Image Generation with Text Embedding

The standout feature of Ideogram is its capability to generate images incorporating specified text. Unlike some other tools in this space, Ideogram empowers users to control and manipulate the text within the generated images.

Example Showcase: I tried a prompt for a “Generate a Japanese ink-style pattern tile inspired by ‘apricity’ with a text overlay that reads “𝐂𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐫” Use thick black lines to outline each element (as if it was for a coloring book) Make the design is visually pleasing and suitable for use in textiles and decor., typography, 3d render


Interface Exploration

Understanding Ideogram’s user interface and options is crucial:

Style Options: Ideogram offers various styles like photo, poster, 3D render, typography, and cinematic. These styles cater to diverse preferences in image aesthetics.

Aspect Ratio Control: Users can choose from different aspect ratios, though the reasoning behind the 10:16 and 16:10 ratios is still a bit unclear.

User Experience and Functionality

Ideogram’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive:

Former Google Employees: Ideogram’s roots with former Google employees reflect its serious intent and potential for growth and innovation.

Real-time Image Generation: We believe in showcasing tools as they are, without editing. Ideogram’s live image generation shows its authenticity and current capabilities.

Other Features:

Ideogram incorporates social media-like functionalities:

Image Remixing and Sharing: Users can easily remix, download, share, and like images within the platform, akin to interactions on platforms like Instagram.


Seeding New Prompts: An interesting feature is the ability to use an existing image as a base for a new prompt, allowing for creative iterations.

Exploring Ideogram Live

Let’s walk through a live demo to get a better feel for Ideogram’s capabilities:

Live Image Generation: During the live demo, we experimented with prompts and styles. While not flawless, the results showed promising attempts at incorporating the provided text into the images.

Real-time Exploration: We took a deep dive into Ideogram’s features and explored its functionalities, highlighting its potential while acknowledging areas for improvement.

Ideogram AI pricing:

Ideogram currently offers its services for free, making it accessible to a wide range of users interested in exploring AI-generated images with embedded text. As of now, there are no subscription fees or charges associated with using Ideogram’s functionalities.

This makes it an attractive option for individuals, creators, and businesses seeking to experiment with AI image generation without any financial commitment.

The free-to-use model encourages users to explore and experience the platform’s capabilities, potentially paving the way for future paid features or premium plans as the tool evolves and expands its offerings.

Final Thoughts on Ideogram

Ideogram is a promising addition to the AI image generation landscape:

Exciting Potential: Its ability to merge text and images seamlessly is a standout feature, offering possibilities for personalized and creative content creation.

Room for Improvement: While it’s relatively new and not yet flawless, Ideogram’s innovative approach makes it a tool to watch out for.


  • Text Embedding in Images
  • Free to use
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Real-time Image Generation
  • Design Logos


  • Aspect Ratio Ambiguity


So, if you’re fascinated by the merging of text and images or simply intrigued by AI-driven creativity, Ideogram is definitely worth exploring. It’s currently available for free, and although its capabilities might not be perfect yet, the potential for growth and enhancement is apparent.