Can you use Ideogram Images Commercially?

In this article, I’ll address a common misconception surrounding the use of images generated by AI systems like IDEOGRAM AI 1.0 for commercial purposes. Many believe that such usage is prohibited, but I’ll show you why that’s not necessarily the case and how you can verify it for yourself.

Accessing Commercial Usage Terms

When using IDEOGRAM AI, it’s essential to understand its terms of service regarding commercial usage.

Let’s explore into the steps to access and interpret these terms effectively.

Navigate to Settings: Start by accessing the settings menu within

Click on Terms of Service: Within the settings, locate and click on the “Terms of Service” option.

Ideogram terms of service

Interpreting the Terms

Upon accessing the terms of service, many users may find it overwhelming to sift through the extensive document.

Here’s a handy tip to expedite the process:

Use Search Functionality:

Instead of manually reading through the terms, use the search function (Ctrl + F) and enter the keyword “commercial.”

This will promptly direct you to relevant sections addressing commercial usage rights.

Key Points Regarding Commercial Usage

Within the terms of service, there are specific clauses pertaining to commercial usage rights. Let’s highlight the essential points:

User Input and Output:

IDEOGRAM does not claim ownership rights over the images (user output) generated by users. Furthermore, it does not restrict users’ ability to utilize these images for commercial purposes.

Ideogram terms

User Responsibility:

While IDEOGRAM AI 1.0 allows for commercial usage of generated images, users bear the responsibility of ensuring that their content complies with all applicable laws and does not infringe upon the rights of third parties.

Clarification from IDEOGRAM Discord

To provide further assurance regarding commercial usage rights, IDEOGRAM’s official Discord server offers valuable insights.

A recent announcement from the staff reinforces the platform’s stance:

Confirmation of Usage Rights:

The announcement explicitly states that IDEOGRAM does not restrict users’ rights to their outputs, even for free users.

This reaffirms the platform’s commitment to enabling commercial usage of generated images.

Community Support:

Users are encouraged to seek clarification on usage rights within the community pages of IDEOGRAM. This fosters a supportive environment where users can address concerns and gain clarity on relevant terms.


In conclusion, IDEOGRAM 1.0 allows users to use generated images for commercial purposes, provided that they adhere to legal requirements and respect the rights of third parties. By understanding and abiding by the platform’s terms of service, users can confidently use AI-generated imagery for various commercial purposes.